The Chapel Coordinator will be in charge of organizing and facilitating each day’s chapel sessions. (16-week position)

  1. 18 years of age
  2. Relevant experience/ Biblical understanding
  3. Highly organized
  4. Collaborative and Team oriented


The Elevate Coordinator will be in charge of mentoring a group of youth who will take part in our summer camp program. This individual should be relationally focused, biblically centred, and administratively organized. (16-Week position)

  1. 20 years of age
  2. Relevant Experience/ Youth Experience
  3. Strategic and Flexible

A Cabin Leader will primarily spend their time with children ages 8 – 16. Cabin leaders are often the ones who create lifelong memories and relationships with our campers. (8-Week Position)

  1. Creative, Fun, and Relational
  2. Responsible, Passionate, and above all safe.
  3. Open to many experiences and opportunities
  4. Graduated High School as of 2022

Our Health Care Provider must be patient and organized. This position is in charge of daily medication administration, med logs, and general first-aid. (8-week position)

  1. First Aid training, certified or nursing experience.
  2. Timely and proficient with documentation.
  3. Available to Cabin Lead at times.

Certified Lifeguard. (8-Week position)

  1. Graduated as of 2022

An Activity Lead will be in charge of setting up and tearing down daily activities. As well as monitoring equipment and facilities. (8- Weeks)

  1. Graduated as of 2022
  2. Organized and self-motivated
  3. Skilled with tools and general maintanence knowledge

This position is adaptable to the individual who is hired. This position could be part-time or full-time depending on the applicant. Must have access to a computer and adequate tech knowledge. (8-Week position)

  1. Strong photography skills
  2. Owns a camera (is an asset not a must)
  3. Experince editing photos and film
  4. 16 years or older
  5. Minimum 15 hours per week

This individual will assist in our Elevate Program. The Elevate Assistant will aid in mentoring a group of youth who will take part in our summer camp program. This individual should be relationally focused, biblically centered, and administratively organized. (10- Week position)

  1. Graduated as of 2022
  2. A good understanding of faith and thier relationship with God.
  3. Passionate about mentoring youth ages 14 – 18

The Program Assistant will help create and facilitate our summer program. Helping with games, chapels, and all things fun! (10- Week position)

  1. Graduated as of 2022
  2. Creative, Energetic, Organized


Proficient in sandcastle building and judging, know Disney songs, and appreciate fine foods such as chicken fingers and fries!

The Day camp Assistant will assist in our daily on-site program from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. From organizing crafts to giving endless swing pushes. (8 – week position)

  1. Work well with kids ages 4-10
  2. Flexible and go woth the flow

Are you handy? do you have spare time this summer? Our Maintenance Assistant will help with many jobs around the camp from splitting logs to building projects and everything in between. If you have a specific skill set we would love to hear about it! (8- week position)

  1. 20 years or older
  2. Proficient with power tools and able to complete general labour
  3. Specific tickets or certificates are an asset


If you are passionate about children and youth or camp ministry and would like to volunteer, please reach out to to hear more about specific opportunities!

If you would like to volunteer with any specific maintenance project please do not hesitate to reach out to our facilities director



Our head cook is responsible for serving 3 meals per day to the campers and staff at CBBC. Generally serving meals for 50 – 75 individuals. The kitchen is a unique and wonderful place for ministering to children, youth, and staff. (10 – weeks/ contract work)

Our Mission

Covenant Bay exists to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing opportunities for fellowship, worship, and instruction in discipleship.

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