Anywhere Adventure Kit

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Do you like Adventure? – We do too!

The Anywhere Adventure Kit is just that, a box of essentials specialized to you and your group that goes with you wherever! Regardless of where the summer takes you, we have you covered from the sofa to the sea!

Filling out the form below will allow us to customize the kit to your family’s or group’s interests and age. You can expect some fun games, activities, conversation starters, and great teaching. The activities are designed to bring people together!


  • Audio Teaching
  • Conversation and Discussion Guide
  • Daily Activities
  • Games
  • and More!

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    You may choose to download the Audio lesson or to be given a usb with the audio lessons. 

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We would love to see and share your fun! Tag us on Instagram @covenantbaybiblecamp or send some pictures directly to our Program Director

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