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Preparing Our Home

Preparing Our Home

Hello Prayer Team!

There is undoubtedly something about the Christmas season that fosters the desire to prepare a space for the event.

We hang the lights, place the decorations just so, bake some things to share, and prepare our homes for visitors, friends, and family.

As I am in the middle of a renovation, preparing the home has a whole new meaning. Questions have been asked following the pattern of what would we like our house to do? How can we invite people into it? Is this home an extension of our calling? and how may we use it to glorify God?

I’ll admit, all BIG questions to be asking. But this idea of preparedness has not left me. The value seems similar, whether it is preparing for the season, guests, or a long-term home.

This made me think of an even bigger question, how have I been preparing myself to receive Jesus in this particular season and my general life?

Have I given the same care to my spiritual life as my outward one? or have I tended to my body’s needs as something to steward well?

Some weighty questions for a Thursday in December, but I hope it encourages you to think of these things with me!

1 Peter 1:13 says it well,

So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control. Put all your hope in the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.

Pray with me in these specific things this week:

Jon Drebert and his family continue to navigate extended family health struggles. We pray for peace, encouragement, and God’s presence.

Pray for Camp as we look forward to 2022. May the Lord bring us staff with character and passion for Him.

May we all be prepared to celebrate the coming of Jesus well in this season! May we glorify Him in all that we do.

Pray together with urgency and expectation.

By Bradon Pihowich

I advocate for adventure and believe my walk with Jesus is the most incredible adventure I have ever embarked on. This adventure began when I chose Jesus early in adulthood; since then, I have never looked back. I enjoy camping, coffee, and creativity.

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