Our Mission Remains

Our Mission Remains

I have been involved in several conversations the past several weeks surrounding the topic of Easter, the days leading up, the formal names of the holidays, and the actual events of the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Perhaps, it’s just a timely conversation due to the season we are in but it happens every year, at least for me, and never seems to be less of a poignant reminder of the mission we have signed up for. 

The sacrifice that surrounds Easter is crucially important. It is a catalyst for the rest of the story, for the mission and drive of Christians. 

I found myself posed with a question early last week. As Covid fatigue set in, the tensions rise, disagreements persist, and division makes it home within our communities and families. The question being, as Christians, has my role changed since the early days of the Church we read about in the book of Acts?  

Surely our division isn’t greater than that of the Roman empire and early Church, our freedom of faith, specifically in the west doesn’t come with martyrdom, and our quality of life has certainly increased with the inventions of sterilized medicine and sewer systems! 

Without going on a tangent of my own thoughts on the matter, I bring us back to the question again. Has my role, or our role, changed in regards to the mission to spread the gospel to those who have yet to hear it? 

It hasn’t. It won’t without persistence, unity, and void of personal distraction. I am not one to check a box before the task is completed. Our mission remains. Last I looked there are still friends, neighbors, families, communities, and nations that have not or do not have access to the truth we hope to share! 

My encouragement is this, let us not be divided by an issue but united by the mission. 

Answering this question for myself this week has been the perspective I needed to lean into preparing for Summer Camp. To prepare the plans, look forward to the fun, and wholeheartedly anticipate the laughter, smiles, and growth about to come!

By Bradon Pihowich

I advocate for adventure and believe my walk with Jesus is the most incredible adventure I have ever embarked on. This adventure began when I chose Jesus early in adulthood; since then, I have never looked back. I enjoy camping, coffee, and creativity.

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