How Are You?

Not Such an Obvious Question

September is known as National Suicide Awareness month. As I continue to navigate the very abnormal day-to-day we are currently experiencing, I often wonder how the individuals around me are doing. 

We ask, “How are you?” in any given situation without much emphasis or conviction. The idea that a “good” or “fine” will suffice as a quick answer. 

Amid our current scenario, I have noticed the honesty and vulnerability that are newly attached to such a simple question. People seem to be seeking an outlet, a conversation, a connection with one another. 

The idea of mental health and well-being is not new to many of us. We see comments, articles, and entertainment all geared towards the awareness of this idea. Something I believe is pertinent to our society. 

With this said, I am emplored to be honest about the worrying state I have found myself in. As COVID – 19 became daily news, I immediately began to see and consider its repercussions on the families and children in our community. The impact due to the inability to fully grasp what they are living through. 

I have always desired to care for others; this motivated me. Passionately we (the Covenant Bay Bible Camp Leadership) began to brainstorm how to reach and serve this community. 

I must clarify that I, In no way consider this current pandemic or scenario, impending doom for the children of this generation—actually, quite the opposite. We have a remarkable and unique opportunity to converse with each other about our health on a day to day basis. COVID – 19, has perpetuated this already inherent human need. 

As the school year drew near, we felt, as a camp, we needed to support our campers, staff, and communities in a new, COVID friendly way. This led to the idea of In-School Programming— born out of the heart to serve our community. 

Our in-school programming is a mental health initiative. Recognizing the importance of an individual’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being is a year-round endeavor. Suicide awareness month helps us continually prioritize and recognize the need for physical, emotional, and mental support. 

Children are strong, resilient, smart, and courageous. Our initiative aims to share these strengths with them to teach them it is okay not to be okay, and that they have the ability and support system to navigate any time of strife or uncertainty.  

Our mission at Covenant Bay Bible Camp is to encourage a growing relationship with Jesus Christ; we believe that our mental and emotional well-being is a part of this relationship. Our care and hope for the campers, families, and alumni of CBBC are to be a part of the broader community and body of Christ, in which we care for and encourage one another. 

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