Friends & Family of Covenant Bay Bible Camp, 

The leadership of Covenant Bay and I continue to evaluate and establish best practice for this summer in regards to safety on and off the property. 

As on-site day sessions began in July, I was excited and hopeful for the eventual opening of overnight camps being an option this summer. With the ever-changing landscape, I have decided it is in the best interest of staff and patrons to continue to provide day sessions this summer and not transition into overnight camps. 

As you read these words, I understand the feelings of loss associated with the constant change to tradition we have been experiencing over the past few months. For many of us, camp is a staple of our summer. The long nights, smoke bathed clothes, deep conversations, and intimate moments with God amidst the prairie sunsets. Although our tradition has been interrupted, I encourage you to dwell, even momentarily, on the following. 

Camp and tradition are more complex than we perhaps have given them credit.  

This week, I have sat in my office, with my back facing the open window, filled with joy at the laughter that I get to overhear as the children walk by. Each conversation is different, sometimes secretive, often silly, yet always honest in delivery. These conversations remind me that children, in their beautiful simplicity, are far more resilient than most. They seem unwavering in the joy they bring to camp. They show no signs of sorrow, strife, or even worry about the lack of overnight options or the amount of handwashing they have to comply with. They are wonderfully opportunistic. The dirt-smudged faces continue to smile, and the laughter continues to fill my office from the open window. 

God continues to remind me that He is a good and gracious father and that this is His ministry, and He will provide. 

Although the camp looks different, the impact and purpose remain the same. Children, staff, and parents are growing in their relationship with God. 

I am confident this season will continue to humble us, challenge us, and push is in our approach and perspectives to ministry.  However, while we are, knee-deep in policy, smelling of sanitizer rather than smoke, know that God meets us wherever we are. 

With gratitude,

Bradon Pihowich

Information and dates for August Day Sessions can be found under Weekly Sessions in Summer Camp

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