$80,000 in Summer Staff Funding

$80,000 in summer staff funding from Canada Summer Jobs – this is hard to believe, right? I am so grateful for this funding that Covenant Bay has been approved for. Each year Covenant Bay hires summer employees to be cabin leaders, lifeguards, cooks, program coordinators and health care providers. Without summer staff, there is no way that summer camps can happen.

The awesome men and women who will work for Covenant Bay this summer will see to it that the campers will grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. They are excited to be on staff and working for such a grand purpose, although they would like to know the details of summer programming.

What We Know

We all want to know the details of our summer programming and having received so much summer staff funding from Canada Summer Jobs makes us all a bit more curious as to what summer camps will look like. Here are three things I can say with confidence.

  1. Campers will grow in a relationship with Jesus this summer!
  2. Day Camps are allowed. There will be day camps for younger kids and possibly for older kids too.
  3. We will do our best to make overnight camps happen. Hopefully, we hear from the Alberta government in the coming days regarding this.

Summer Staff – Plan B

In light of being approved for so much in summer staff funding, you might be asking what the summer staff will do if overnight camps do not happen. The Summer Staff will work within an expanded day camp program and also help with some of the new online resources that are offered. There will be lots of opportunities to work on property projects at the camp. Finally, they will likely work with some partner organizations such as churches and other ministries.

An Amazing Summer

Regardless of what each of our summers looks like, we know that God is for us. He is working in the details of our lives for the good of each one of us! I can’t say that it won’t be a challenging summer or a summer of ease, but God will use this summer for good! Knowing that God is for us makes me excited since I know he will do amazing things again this summer.

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