New Dining Hall

We have been challenged. Every dollar donated will be matched until $50,000 is given by Aug 1, 2022.

$50,000 matched = $100,000


Covenant Bay’s current Dining Hall and Kitchen can feed 70-80 comfortably yet we have space to sleep just over 180 people plus the RV area. The kitchen and dining hall building is a summer facility and does not function well in spring, fall or winter.

The Lodge has a kitchen and dining area that can accommodate 40-50 people. The Lodge kitchen was built with a new dining hall and kitchen in mind.


The new dining hall will sit up to 250 people at round tables. This will allow us to expand all of our current camps including family camps. It will also be a great place for groups to book their banquets and will allow us to host multiple groups through the winter months.

The old kitchen and dining hall will be torn down and the new one constructed on the same site taking advantage of the beautiful lake views.

The Cost

The estimated construction costs in 2022 would be 1.7 million. We set a goal of 2 million which will factor in inflation over 5 years and some additional costs related to engineered plans, demolition and temporary cooking and dining arrangements.


What will the total cost be?

We safely estimate that in 5 years it will cost 2 million

Will Covenant Bay borrow to complete this project?

This has not been decided. We did not borrow money to build the Lodge.

What will happen with the laminated rafters in the old dining hall?

We would have liked to incorporate them into our new building but their length made this impossible. They will be salvaged and either sold or incorporated into another building on Covenant Bay property.

When do you hope to begin construction?

We would love to begin construction in 2027 although this timeline may be altered as funding is raised.

Where will it be located?

The new dining hall will be on the same and expanded footprint as the old dining hall.

How big is this building

The total area of the basement and main floor is 10,815 sq/ft. The footprint of the building is 6,630 sq/ft.

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