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A Request For Shalom

A Request For Shalom

Prayer Update December, 23rd, 2021

Merry Christmas Prayer Team!

This season is full of emotion on any given year and even more so with the disappointments and hardships of the last two years sitting prevalent on the mind.

Shalom; a term often referred to in reference to peace. However, recently I have been caught on the idea of the word meaning wholeness and harmony.

Amid all the current events, I pray to experience that type of shalom in my life. I like to imagine the impact on ministry if we could approach it through a centered and harmonious relationship with God.

Would you please join me as we pray for our community here at Covenant Bay Bible Camp?

We pray together for Jon Drebert and his family as they head to Winnipeg to spend time with his brother-in-law and sister.

We pray for a sense of Shalom over our country and local communities. May God’s wholeness and harmony overwhelm us this season.

May we pray for unity, connectedness, and vibrancy as we head into the Christmas days! God has given his only son to us! May we rejoice in Him!

Thank you for your wonderful and faithful prayer. Pray with urgency and expectation.

By Bradon Pihowich

I advocate for adventure and believe my walk with Jesus is the most incredible adventure I have ever embarked on. This adventure began when I chose Jesus early in adulthood; since then, I have never looked back. I enjoy camping, coffee, and creativity.

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