Regardless if you desire to serve in a support role or directly with our campers in a program role it is our mission to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing opportunities for fellowship worship and instruction in discipleship. Keep this in mind as you consider how you might best fit. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you. You will find Job Descriptions regarding available positions on the pages below.

Online Application 


Closing Date



Head Cook Open 0/1 Please Contact
Assistant Cook Open 0/1 Please Contact
Camp Nurse June 1, 2018 0/1 Please Contact
Summer Camp Coordinator Closed 1/1 $14.60/h*
Leadership Investment Program Coordinator Closed 1/1 $14.60/h*
Day Camp Coordinator Closed 1/1 $14.60/h*
Teaching and Arts Coordinator Closed 1/1 $14.60/h*
Cabin Leader
June 1, 2018 5/12 Volunteer Honorarium and $13.60/h*
            Life Guard   0/2 $13.60/h*
            Activity Leads   0/4 $13.60/h*
            Media Tech   0/1 $13.60/h*
Junior Cabin Leaders (LIP)   0/6 Volunteer Honorarium
Day Camp Leaders June 1, 2018 0/2 Volunteer Honorarium
Junior Day Camp Leaders (LIP)   0/2 Volunteer Honorarium

*Paid Position are based on grant success and applicant eligability. Please contact for more information. We will be Fundraising to ensure that we are able to pay our staff as outlined above. We will confirm pay for cabin leaders by March 1, 2018. 

Are you 14-16? Are you looking for ways to serve at camp this summer? Head over to our Leadership Investment Program to find out details and apply for an unforgettable experience of learning and serving together!


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