500 years.
By Ronja, intern at CBBC



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That’s a long time and we still feel the influence of a man who outlined the most important topics
and beliefs of our faith.

On the 31st October 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the door of University of
Wittenberg’s (Germany) chapel.

It’s important to me not only because I’m from Germany but also because I now live as a Christian
in the truth outlined by Luther. 

Luther was a man who always held on to the truth.

He translated the bible from greek to german. Now everyone could study and understand the bible. It was no longer just for
monks and priests.
Luckily at the same time the book press was invented. It made it affordable to buy a bible. Those reasons and many more caused
the bible to be the best selling book of all time!

Martin Luther started to change a catholic world that dominated everything. It’s important to question teaching to ensure it is
true and to look to the past for guidance.

The celebration of this big anniversary has impacted Germany a lot.There are events, lectures, discussions, new memorial sites 
and an extra holiday. That’s awesome, isn’t it? 

My brother loves to have one extra day off from school.

We should also celebrate Reformation Day. It’s so important for all of us to remember how amazing our churches are
and that we are privileged to go to a church and live our faith in freedom.

So why not bringing some of the Luther spirit in our houses and draw a luther rose with your kids.

If you want to know the circumstances of 500 years ago check out this VIDEO.

HERE  you can see how crazy germans get about the 500 year anniversary.
It’s also worth a visit in other years.

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