Covenant Bay is a camp and retreat centre located on Pigeon Lake, AB - 45 minutes Southwest of Edmonton, AB. Individuals of all ages come and grow through overnight camps, day camps, family camps, retreats for youth and adults and wilderness adventure camps also for youth and adults.  


Covenant Bay Bible Camp exists to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing opportunities for Worship, Fellowship and Instruction in Discipleship.


Covenant Bay Bible Camp has been doing ministry at Pigeon Lake for over 85 years. There have been some very lean years particularly through the 30’s and some years of extreme blessing. We celebrate often what God has done in our midst and the many faithful servants that have made CBBC so successful.  Inspiration Echoes was the first history book detailing our early years as a camp in 2014 in celebration of our 85th year we are highlighting our summer camp and 


Our camp is modest in size, hosting 132 individuals and having 17 acres of property. We work hard at planning and providing high quality programs for all ages. This includes, families, men and woman, young adults and of course children of all ages. We are an Albertan Organization accepting all individuals within our programs who fit the age and/or gender specifications. We are a Christian organization part of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada.


We will continue to make improvements at the camp over the next several years with our largest project to be a group housing building which will sleep 70. This will allow us to move forward with year round programming and better serve our local community and other CBBC supporters and guests. 


We work very hard at stretching every dollar and being good stewards of the resources we are blessed with. Without Covenant Bay supporters, which we are truly grateful for, we could not operate as we do. Your donations can go toward our operations and/or building projects. Every dollar helps make it possible to do good ministry and transform lives. Thank you.

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